Outdoor Fire Pits

Steel Fire Pits for Outdoors
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Heavy-Duty Handmade Steel Fire Pits
That Are Built to Last

🛠 Beautifully Designed! Strong & Durable! Handcrafted in the USA!🇺🇸

Are you looking for a reliable, and heavy-duty handmade Outdoor Steel Fire Pit that’ll keep you and your loved ones warm and cozy in your own backyard – or during those adventurous camping excursions?

Here at Industrial Handmade Co, we offer some of the strongest, most durable, and long-lasting fire pits that are not only handcrafted right here in the USA, but will also never fall apart or break like most poorly constructed fire pits currently on the market. 

We only use the highest quality-grade materials that are sourced in the USA. We then personally handcraft each and every wood fire pit from the ground up, just the way they should be. This way you can rest assured knowing that you’ll not only be investing in the very best wood-burning fire pit on the market, but you’ll also be able to enjoy many years of warmth and enjoyment out in the great outdoors with your family or friends. 

What are you waiting for? It’s time to make some wonderful memories! If you’re looking to add a heavy-duty, always reliable, and beautifully handcrafted Modern Fire Pit to your backyard or outdoor adventures, then Industrial Handmade Co. has exactly what you need!

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FAQ About Fire Pits & Fire Tables

What is a Fire Pit?

An Outdoor Wood Burning Fire Pit is a gather-round feature that can be set up on a patio, deck, or anywhere in your backyard. Firepits extend the outdoor-living season in style by providing warmth and relaxation. Fire Pits can come in a wide range of styles, sizes and materials, but for the most part are set up at ground level.

What is a Fire Pit Table?

A Fire Table is different from a Fire Pit, as it will usually contain a propane tank hidden in the base which fuels a burner that ignites at the turn of a knob. Most Fire Tables will come with a lid that covers the burn area that once installed gives a full “table effect”. Although there are fire pit table outdoor wood burning units which only use wood for fuel rather than propane or gas.

What is a Fire Pit Made of?

Many materials can be utilized to build a Modern Fire Pit or Table. If you want to make a stunning first impression on your guests, an Industrial themed Modern Steel Fire Pit from Industrial Handmade Co. is sure to do the trick! Thick Alloy Steel or Corten Steels are recommended. Be cautious to stay away from the cheap tin or resin pits other Manufacturers produce as it could lead to disappointment in the future when they start to fall apart on you! Make sure you purchase American Made, and not from a company that outsources to other countries with low-quality control standards. Practice due diligence on your purchase, because you want your hard-earned money invested in a product that will last you for many years to come!

What should I look for in an Outdoor Fire Pit?

The number one thing you want to look for is build quality. How thought out is the design and functionality of the pit? Second, without a doubt would be the quality of materials used and how they are assembled. Pay extra attention to thicknesses of Metals used etc. as you will find most companies go thin as possible to keep their manufacturing costs down and you the consumer coming back every year to buy another, because your first purchase fell apart on you. This is their tactic they rely on to bring in more revenue, and in our eyes is just not fair to the consumer! Purchase a quality product once and you will find it will last for much, much longer WITHOUT all the unnecessary hassles!

What is the Best Material for a Fire Pit?

We find that thick steel is the best material to build a Wood Outdoor Firepit from. Steel will retain and radiate heat much more effectively than any other material including brick or rock. Quality steel will also increase the longevity of the product. As far as a Fire Pit Table goes, you want something that will deflect heat and keep your fire and heat source contained in the designated area, as these are usually utilized on a patio or deck which presents a few more safety concerns.